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Scale a.k.a. Rene Botschafter is an Hardstyle Artist located in Germany.

The Act is known for his energetic performances during the Set on stage. His uplifting and powerful euphoric kind of style gets instantly transmitted to the crowd in front. Scale is always willing to give his best, whether in the studio or on stage, in front of thousands or a few. “Happiness is a gift, which I want to bring to the people with the beauty of music.” – Scale

Scale holding a flag of scalearmy

#Scalearmy is more than just a hashtag!

It defines the community, the fans, friends and family of Scale. Where there is unity, there‘ll always be victory!

Follow the movement of hardstyle and join the army. Feel free to contact me for exclusive content & insights of Scale. We‘re welcoming you, no matter where you come from.

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